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28 August
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"I have dreams that haven't come true yet. I haven't stopped dreaming though."

I'm a tiny bit precocious, a little too trusting. I don't really care though. Neither should you.

I really should add links to my other all-consuming internet presences, ha.
activism, asian cinema, astrologically predicted fates, astronomy, aurora borealis, birthday parties, black swan, blanket tents, blythe, blythe dolls, boarding school teengirl novels, bust magazine, candle making, canine cosmonaut kudryavka, card captor sakura, church of the subgenius, circles of blush, classic arcade games, climbing trees, cloudspotting, cram cream, creepy horror manga, cross-stitching (snarkily), daydreaming, dengeki daisy, dinosaurs in outer space, dollhouses, dreams, easybake oven, electronic musical toys, embroidery, enneagrams, fairy tales, father ted, fifi lapin, filofax, getting my hands dirty, godzilla vs mothra, gothic lolita, graphic novels, grayson perry's dresses, guinea pigs, hairhairhair, hama beads, hammer films, handmade stuffed animals, henry darger, henry marchbanks winter, honeybees, indie games, indiepop, indiepop + rock, josei manga, kaizoku sentai gokaiger, kate bush, kinderegg terapins, kindle, lady vengence, laika the spacedog, late night cinema trips, lino printing, lucid dreaming/sleep paralysis, machiko kayaki, making jam, making paper dolls, midcentury modern design, mini accordians, modular living, moomintrolls, mothmen, ms paint adventures, mysticism, narwhales, naughty knitting, nice cups of tea, nintendo, number stations, old school shoujo manga, outer space, personal epiphanies, personality cores, peter pan collars, pink leopard print, pop culture, pottery, poupee girl, print grocco, radiators on cold days, retro design, retro gaming, riding my b-b-bicycle, rococophilia, rose of versailles, russian folk tales, saint seiya, sanrio, scandinavian design, sci-fi, scott pilgrim, sega megadrives, sequins on everything, serial experiments lain, sewing, sewing pattern hoarding, slight uniform fetish, south park, st. francis of asissi, stenciling, strange eating habits, sylvanian families, tarot reading, tea parties, the blackpool lights, the circus, the cute yet creepy, the mitford sisters, the twilight zone, thrift stores, tiny tiny dogs, toy cameras, train rides, training a kickass gyarados, ukiyo-e, urusei yatsura, veganism, vintage clothing, vintage crochet patterns, vintage robots, vinyl toys, wanderlust, watching bands, wearing animal masks, youtube, yume nikki, zakka craft, zines