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"I Totally Have A Mouth Yet I Cannot Scream..." [Feb. 4th, 2011|08:13 pm]
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I think we're going to move. It's not an ideal time to do so but as Bear said wisely, it probably won't be for a few years and we're just so miserable living where we are now. It's sad because the location and most of the neighbours are really lovely but the landlord is a total lazy so-and-so who takes forever to do anything, including:

a) sorting out any drainage problems (we've lost three sets of towels due to the fact the water pipes just can't deal with the vast amounts being processed so it backs up into our loo because we're directly by the drain and urgh, it's as disgusting as it sounds, really.) - it's taken days. Yep, days.

b) sorting out the heating (I feel bad for the people living here who have kids...) as the heating goes through the pipes, no heating typically means no hot water. This too seems to take days to get fixed.

c) the effing windows! I'm not even going to elaborate on this part. Seriously.

d) THE DAMP IN THE WALL. Again, see above. It's also really unhealthy for us.

The whole place is just really grubby and uncared for, I mean, when we moved in it was just the same but yeah, we were naive andthought the landlord would make good on his promises, I'm sure he's a very nice person, he just shouldn't be a landlord 'causefrankly any landlord that says his hours are nine to five, Monday to Friday, is living in cloud fucking cuckoo land.

So, the drains are acting up again. The bathroom flooded with our bathwater drainage before and the toilet started bubbling up, gag, and I was just about ready to tear my hair out. We rang him, no answer. We texted him - got a reply saying it wasn't him? Urgh, checked the number against all the corrospondence. Yep, it's his number. Or not. Checked the website, it's down (not a good sign either...), texted his partner in the business (no response either) and finally we tracked down the business number from Google, rang and spoke to a woman who said she'd pass the message on. So, now we're playing the waiting game...again. We've seen a bunch of places on a complex about five minutes away online so we're going to make a bunch of appointments (same day if possible) so I'm feeling a little better than I did around ten this morning. I think being in a place where cleaning actually makes an effect on the enviroment, people respect the property around us and we have a little more space will enable me and Bear to work much better as a couple and as individuals, me with my crafting and writing and him with his university work. Actually starting to feel a little excited now, yeah!

I'm already kinda dreading the process leading up to the move more than anything though. We're going to have a major sort out and storage solve a lot of our stuff (Mark's cards and my fabric stash for example) 'cause I'm not wasting any energy on lugging stuff around we don't need/use anymore. I'll have to be ruthless. To myself. eBay and charity shops watch out for my crap, lol.

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possibly triggering [Jan. 24th, 2011|10:08 pm]
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(no subject) [Jan. 23rd, 2011|03:56 pm]
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Liverpool is seemingly designed to confuse me. Also, I can't read maps to save my life. Literally. Once I learned that there was three floors (actually two massive ones plus a studio area for courses...) of fabric goodness a short walk away from Lime Street station, I was determined to find it armed with my phone and Google Maps. My sense of direction is rubbish to begin with and my love of 'shortcuts' is great so yeah...I got lost pretty much straightaway and it ended up being down the first street I walked straight past and totally dismissed. Blah. However, it was totally worth it. I picked up some cotton with a funky jungle-esque print and t-shirt jersey fabric with dinosaurs all over it and the exclaimation: DINO ROAR! How could I have left it? There was tons of cute Japanese inspired printed cottons and jerseys but...I'm supposed to be destashing, not hoarding like crazy.

After that, me and Biscuit went to see Black Swan which was amazing. Definitely one of the few more interesting films of the past couple of years. It reminded me a lot of Rosemary's Baby and Perfect Blue, both films I absolutely adore. It did get me thinking about the whole yandere/yangire fascination thing again, that love of women who are messed up, fragile and how it seems to translate as 'otherworldly' or 'sexual' under certain gazes. Then again, people have said I'm a very mild yandere personality type, lol. I don't usually walk out of a film feeling strongly about actors being recognised for their work but I really will be disappointed if Natalie Portman doesn't get her Oscar but I do hope this isn't the 'role of her career', she's so young...I just hope she continues to pick roles as challenging as this. Mila Kunis was great too but...yeah, the Meg Griffin connection weirded me out a little bit. 

Afterwards, we went for coffee at Starbucks (why does their coffee always taste burnt?) and I nearly induced myself into a sugar coma attempting to fix my coffee. I felt really mixed up in my head about Black Swan, there are some triggering moments but I managed to disassociate from them the best I could. A lot of the themes in the film reoccur in my therapy so...it was a little creepy in that sense. I've been having a lot of difficulty in keeping apart my dreams and waking life, wanting to sleep all the time because it's easier, that kind of life.

And yeah, I went to a bookstore. I picked up part of the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service mainly because I was intrigued by the plot and partly because it stars undead otaku. My favourite kind.

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Patience, it's a good thing. [Jan. 20th, 2011|02:51 pm]
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[Current Mood |disappointeddisappointed]
[Current Music |Lights (nyc): World Falls Down]

I really need to learn some patience is sewing. And ironing seams flat would help a lot too. I knocked up (really, that's about the only appropiate way of describing it) a skirt from a pattern in '100 Great Ways to Sew a Yard' (shush, it's a fun book!) that uses fabric cut on the bias and an elasticated waistband to ensure for fit. I've already made one from some lovely cheap cotton I picked up (£3.00 to make a skirt, hellyeah!) but it was a bit of a rush job and the length on it wasn't as long as I'd like due to my relaxed attitude towards seam allowances.

Bias Cut Skirt mk. 2 has somehow came out worse looking, despite the lack of contrast thread and more time with the iron. I mean, it's wearable but I don't think it's going to be the skirt I'm twirling around tomorrow in Liverpool. Sigh. I also am becoming a little worried at being stuck at the 'elasticated' fit stage of sewing. But dammit, pattern adjustments look so harddd...if only they hadn't stopped the sewing courses at the local college. Boo!

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going...uh, fabric browsing (and to buy some more bobbins) as I've ordered the D.I.Y. couture pattern books, they're described as 'very easy/total beginner' level and so far cover making a gathered skirt, a cape and a gathered dress. All things I'd wear often anyway! I have some lovely grey/purple check wool for the cloak and/or maybe a skirt...


Ahem. I might be going to see Black Swan or the Nam June Paik exhibition again (it was very awestriking) as well so my day will be culturally fulfilling at least, lol. Maybe staring at the Buddhas for a few hours will teach me something about patience.  

And I found a recipe in VWaV that I don't particularly care for: Curried Split Pea Soup, I'm going to have a bowl later on today but I don't know, there's just something about it that's kinda...blah? I love curries and soup and peas so you'd think this would be a natural combination for me. The Roasted Portabello Mushroom marinade from Veganomicon however has totally not disappointed.

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The Year So Far... [Jan. 9th, 2011|03:06 pm]
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[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[Current Music |Interpol: Specialist]

This year, so far, has been effing manic. Me and Bear are totally pooped after all the activity. Xmas was busybusybusy and it was hard not having that breathing space that I'm used to. I've felt pretty unsocial but knowing there's going to be that pre-Spring lull in communication, I've pulled myself together and went out anyway.

New Years Eve was a bit of blah moment until Biscuit came around to keep me company. We read the sexy bits of Bust magazine and talked pretty much constantly about Tron. The nerdyness that occurs when we're in the same space is truly shameful. Bear went to Huddersfield and it pretty much turned out I could have gone too...sigh. That's what being avoidant to sorting crap out does. You miss out on choatic awesomeness.

Going back to Tron...I'm totally smitten. I had the nostalgic tang of teenage nerd film experience as I walked out thinking 'wow, that was amazing...' which became 'that romatic plot was totally tacked on and I'm not sure if I cared for Jeff Bridges performance' which became 'holy crap! Tron for Oscars! Daft Punk! Micheal Sheen playing David Bowie! TRON - I FIGHT FOR THE USER!'. Ahem, yes. It was a wild rollercoaster of perceptions. I've settled into begrudgingly admitting the romantic plot was tacked on but the rest was simply stunning. I'm overjoyed at the wave of neon stripe craft projects that are hitting craftster already. If nothing else, it's visually stunning. And the soundtrack is all sorts of aural loveliness.

I've made a few New Years Resolutions, nothing worth sharing here. Craft more, write more. Usual stuff really. I'm really thinking this year I need to pull another issue of terrible lizard(s) out of somewhere. Collaborating would be a dream but...I'm too shy to share my ideas openly with people. Yeah, working on social anxiety is going to be a big thing this year.

Little L visited at New Years which was pretty tiring - we made tote bags together and I blindly groped my way through my first full sewing project - a bias cut a-line skirt with an elasticated waistband, seriously, if I had to make a wrap-around skirt, I would have loathed myself forever. I'm wildly (and insanely) proud of the skirt which I've won on four or five seperate occassions so far - including, gasp, outdoor outings!

No-one had mentioned it being Becky Home-Eccy esque which...I don't know is a compliment or not. Maybe people are just trying to be nice, haha. The only thing I'm going to change about the next one I make from the pattern is add a couple of inches on the length. I'm not sure if written instructions re for me, really, there was something about the reckless sort of 'figure it out as you go!' feeling that helped a lot. D.I.Y. Couture are releasing a 12 part set of visual instruction books (including a cape!) which aims to get an absolute beginner feeling confident. Might give those a whirl.

The first nerdy outing of the year to Worlds Apart, my little mecca, has resulted in total horror as a) the vinyl toy stock has improved immensely, b) they're carrying the Dark Horse massive CCS tomes, c) the Uglydoll display is slowly taking over and d) their independent selection of graphic novels/comics is very, very good. And I saw a R2-D2 peppermill. That has to be an omen of a good year to come, right?

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Writer's Block: Expand on this [Dec. 7th, 2010|09:35 pm]
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[Current Mood |nerdynerdy]

Where do you draw the line between habit and addiction? What's the longest uninterrupted period of time you spent gaming?

I'm a being of obsessive habits and lazy addictions...as a occassional gamer, it takes a lot for a game to entice me into long periods of play because I have a terrible attention span. I like things that are a little...unusual though. And I don't like modern first person shooters.

The longest period? A weekend of fanatical gameplay spread over a couple of RPG's and rest-breaks of Harvest Moon and Tetris. The day after (three day weekends = amazing) I spent reading Terry Prachett novels. Fucking nerdy. Close second would be the time I spent sixty pounds on House of the Dead (mostly on extra lives for my partner, may I add) to play right through to the end. It took hours. We were so drunk at the end. n

Now my gaming is a lot more casual and focused just on video gaming (I used to play card games before YGO! came along and made it tacky and lame) because there's a lack of charm in a lot of mainstream games, however, these are a couple of gems that I've stumbled across lately:

Furbaby: Mesmerisingly disturbing. Definitely not for the kiddiewinks. You have to raise a mutant half baby/half Furby to be a productive member of society but alas, death awaits you at every turn! Don't smoke anything funky before playing. Or eat anything. Or do anything. Don't make plans for after playing either. It's like the bastard offspring of Monkeydust.

Covetous: You are a parasite twin dying to burst out of your normal twin's body. Will you grab this chance at life at the cost of another? The music in this is especially unnerving but the graphics are charmingly pixelated old school so it all balances out. Again, not for kids or people who are unnerved by things bursting out of the human body but worth five minutes of your time.  

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I, for one, welcome our new cookie overlords (and ladies)... [Nov. 24th, 2010|06:37 pm]
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[Current Mood |creativecreative]

I'm totally stoked about Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. Since it arrived this afternoon, I've been flicking through dreaming about all the cookie goodness within. Some highlights? It's one long extended sugar-fest highlight! I'm in love. Mad, crazy, vegan cookie love. I wanna have a cookie party now. It would be so nummy (and I'd feel a lot less guilty about baking so much bad stuff...) but I guess I'll have to settle for palming them off on my nearest and most dearest. If I can bring myself to...

Scott Pilgrim figures still suck. But I still want them. Blah.

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Yume Nikki Stan Like Woah. (Inspired By Soundtrack Listing) [Nov. 19th, 2010|08:40 pm]
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[Current Mood |awakeawake]
[Current Music |Cliffs: Alarm Will Sound]

Sometimes I really love Spotify. Mostly I just hate it and resent it trying to push cars on me all the damn time. When it hasn't been selling cars to me, I've been putting together a soundtrack to Yume Nikki, that little indie game I'm so enthralled by. I'm not sure about this tracklisting yet but:

a) I used songs with lyrics in them 'cause...well, they fit for me.
b) I still think it needs padding some with creepy instrumental stuff.
c) vagueish spoilers ahead! I think?
d) It really is a work-in-progress so...yeah.
e) this entry will be really boring if you haven't played/don't know anything about Yume Nikki. Sorry!

soundtrack stuff here...Collapse )
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"I guess he's an Xbox and I'm more of an Atari" [Nov. 10th, 2010|09:59 pm]
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[Current Mood |mellowmellow]
[Current Music |The Pixies: Velouria]

Goshdammit, I can't get enough of that song. Anything Cee Lo puts out is like solid audio gold, mined from the happy land of hip-hop goodness. And the Shatner cover? Even better.

Times are a-changin' as some might say (I wouldn't personally because I'm not sitting on a porch, wittling small logs into wooden forest creature whimsies but whatever.) 'cause I've been putting a lot of energy into...more productive pursuits. Like veganism. Veganomicon has been attached to my hands for hours every day lately (slight exaggeration) and tonight I baked the Banana-Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding which was...amazing! Soft and mushy and chocolate-coated and creamy and just...like eating a cloud in heaven, I'd say. It always puzzles me on Come Dine With Me that vegans on there seem insistant on serving rather bland, alienating or just bizarre stuff (apart from that nice lady from Liverpool, she was awesome and actually got it.) because everything I've made vegan so far has been damn tasty. I have some leftover for breakfast tomorrow...

I'm still bummed out about the Scott Pilgrim figurines - I was hoping they would have announced Kim Pine and Ramona Flower ones (Stephen Stills and Wallace Wells are on my personal wishlist but honestly, who wouldn't kill for Kim Pine?) or even Knives by now but nope, still stuck with two slightly uninspired Scott Pilgrim figures. If the designer wasn't some big company and had a face, I'd punch it. Apart from that, toys and collectables haven't really caught my eye lately. Momo has been dettached from her orange tango body and I'm stumped about what sort of supremely creepy craft to use it for. I've looked up some UK customisers and think I've found one, I just need to decide on a direction for her look. I'm thinking Joan from Mad Men but finding a strawberry blonde beehive wig is going to be a conceptual nightmare...she is cute though, just a little Blythe head lolling around on the telephone table. All she needs is a tiny accordion and that stripe-top and narrow-leg trousers with headscarf combo that Joanie rocks and...gah, I'm too excited.
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Blybe aka the Blythe offshoot of Spengbab. [Nov. 2nd, 2010|07:14 pm]
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[Current Music |Morriessey - Every Day Is Like Sunday]

Recently I've been lurking around tib again, not out of any nostalgic fondness but just y'know...because. I came across a thread discussing Blythe knockoffs - marketed on ebay as Blybes or Basaak dolls which through the forgiving lens of a mediorce digital camera, look remarkably decent for cheap ripoffs. Now, the standard Simply (the line introduced as a basic doll for first-timers + customisers) Blythe costs around seventy pounds. A few years ago, I purchased a Pow Wow Blythe in the box for sixty. Yep, times sure have changed and with the prices becoming stupidly high, it was obvious that this was going to happen. I don't know how linked the tib is to Takara (quite a bit, I'm guessing) but the tolerance of this thread indicated a tolerance to the wave of Blybes listed on ebay. Yeah, it's illegal and damages artistic intregrity but when you look at what Takara has done over the past few years...introducing a basic doll that costs just as much as the original Takara releases did a few years ago, the neverending slew of Asia-only exclusives and the cookie cutter parade of same-same-same releases...you have to question exactly how much integrity they have left.

A company wanting to make money at all costs...shocking, isn't it? I guess you have to feel hurt because Blythe isn't a toy or plaything, she's sold as a muse to artists. A way that anyone can get in touch with their creative side - sewing, photography, painting or building furniture - and a endless projection tool for their hopes (that does sound a little twee, I know but it's true. Ashamedly.). Seeing her endlessly produced in a series of uninspiring fashions doesn't create a sense of loyalty to Takara. At least, not to me.

Sorry, Takara.

Anyway, as soon as I heard about these mythical creatures, I simply had to have one. To inspect and see if the lukewarm hype was justified. I ended up buying a black-haired girl with bangs from a seller called siriporn.robertson after I finished giggling at the name (mature, I know) and waited patiently for her to arrive. I didn't have the little waves of excitement I got when waiting for Banba (my most recent addition from last Xmas) and I guess being seperated with a hundred pounds does tend to lift your expectations, as it was she cost twenty-five pounds and the seller would put some panties on her for free! Bargain.

She arrived today. I don't really know what to say - she arrived in a box along with a furry flower print pencil case and a Barbie wedding dress, a nice gesture but also slightly baffling - and it really was the girl pictured as if she'd been snatched up from the picture pose, rolled in some bubble wrap and plopped in the box.

Then her scalp fell off.

Now, if this had happened with Popsy or Hendrix or anyone else, I would have screamed in horror. I never knew my prejudices to cheap stuff was so obvious but it made a sort of sense, I'm using to buying dolls that work out to around hundred pounds after delivery and customs. I know what to expect and even though they probably cost a pittance to make, it's a nice shiny well-finished product made from a pittance. This girl was made from a tenth of a pittance and thus, my feelings are a tenth of the normal ones.

Her hair isn't terrible quality. But it isn't great quality either. I'd say mediorce out of some sort of kindness. Her face is super shiny and there's a little smudge in her eyeshadow which once noticed, can never be unnoticed. Her body is a weird tan orange and I shook my head, sighing a little. The scalp is hard, like old style Blythes (I think? I should look it up but I'm feeling lazy) and easily (too easily!) removed. All in all...her face was lovely. I don't doubt a serious collector wouldn't tell the difference but any casual observer would be fooled, easily. And besides, who doesn't secretly love an underdog?

Now I get to the annoying part of my assessment. New body is pretty much essential. Pure Neemo Flex is in stock at HLJ so that's the obvious choice. The hair has to go. I love the black hair with bangs cut but the hair quality just isn't there for me. I've felt cheap wigs that feel softer and more managable. I'm not confident about rerooting and I'm definitely not willing to pay someone the better half of a hundred pounds to do it for me (not that it isn't worth it but c'mon, this is a doll I've spent twenty five pounds on. It doesn't make sense) so I think wigs are the way forward. And I might sand the face. This is all annoying because I've never felt so...unsatisfied with a doll before. I'm not a natural customiser. I love all my Takara girls as they are but this girl needs a little help so I'm going to have to roll my sleeves up and get on with it.

Oh, and her name is Momo.
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