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new year, new hair. [Jan. 17th, 2012|07:32 pm]
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I haven't updated in such a long time partially because I couldn't sum up everything going on in a neat little livejournal entry package. I'm too lazy to go on huge rants supported by late-night coffee and smoking. That and I can't seem to stay awake until eleven without thinking 'my oh my, it's getting late...' which makes me think 'eesh, that's really lame...'.

Anyway! So far this year I've discovered the joy of spraypainting, made my own vanilla extract and BBQ sauce and embroidered two little anchors onto the back pockets of my favourite shorts. Not too bad. I'm hoping to finish the scarf of eternity by the end of the month too. Oh, and I got one of those blasted twitter accounts. Not that I needed one.

I have a few planned projects, I definitely want to sew more this year and graduate onto garments with sleeves (!) and I have a beautiful cropped blazer pattern from Salme that I think could work on me. If not, I'm sure my little sister would love me to whip one up for her (since she looks awesome even in paper bags, fact.).

And I'm still getting used to my new haircut, my second younger brother took his sisscors to it in a rather brutal fashion and left me with a vaguely hipstery 'do. Just what I've always wanted. Hah.