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before summer. [May. 6th, 2011|11:54 pm]
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]

I thought I ought to update this before summer goes all crazy and intense and busy on me. I mean, there's talk about going to Download and/or Pride (yes, that is quite the combination...) and I'm finally pulling my fingers out of my...well, I wouldn't put my fingers there in the first place but yeah. Whatever. I'm thinking of opening up a big cartel store over the summer. Etsy seems embroiled in reseller crap at the moment and too stuck in their sunshine 'n cupcakes ways to do anything about it which is terrible seeing as there are so many awesome crafters/artists. Everything I've bought from there I'm been really pleased with so I guess I might remain a customer for a little while longer.

I haven't done much sewing lately, the table and chair set that me and Bear bought was recalled because it was extremely dangerous or something. Not that anyone at the call center or pick up knew anything about it. One chair did fall apart but we assumed that was down to my brother having a great deal to do with its construction (my brother is many things but a handyman is not one of them) but the day before it left, I measured up a million patterns for things and had an epic cutting session. Cutting is really the most tedious, horrible and least inspiring part of sewing. I hate it. I wish I could buy fabric precut. I guess that would ruin the magic for some people but not me. Fuck cutting fabric.

Lately, hm, went to a food festival then got way too drunk, starting talking about the next level of commitment with Bear (getting a dog!), meeting supernerds in Liverpool (after I left they talked about youtube and J-pop and I totally missed out.), baking vegan cake and writing bits and pieces for a zine I'm hoping to pull out of the same place as my big cartel store before the end of the year. Yeah, right.