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+/- [Mar. 31st, 2011|08:37 pm]
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This is the third time I've sat down intending to update my livejournal and hopefully it will not end like the previous attempts: longwinded reflection, eventual boredom and me wandering off to do something else. I'm going to keep the delivery brief and straightforward:

Major Awesome Stuff!

1. Me and Bear have moved! From the Apartment of Doom to the House of Moderate Rent which is suiting us perfectly at the moment. Thankfully we had none of the problems we feared might materialise with our landlord so the move was (relatively) stress-free/ Going from a cramped, slightly open plan apartment to a smallish but well-designed layout has had the pleasing effect of visually thinning out our, I mean, my junk. It won't last.

2. I've decided to fight boredom and take advantage of living where I am now. I'm not a fucking teenager anymore so there's no excuse for acting oh-so-cool-but-really-kinda-uncool by spending time smoking in the rain at shitty nightclubs while disparaging this small city. It's a goddamn city. There's fun on every corner if you want to see it so to this end, I've been using the internet to productively look for things I want to see. I'm even going to watch a play, aren't you proud of me, Papa?*

3. I've restarted knitting. Disregard this if you think knitting is for nanas** 'cause you'll be boreddd but I'm working on a so-easy-it-hurts-me-to-reveal-it baby blanket and I've also dipped my toes into the world of crochet - the hooks I have are all the colours of the rainbow!

4. At Danny's Awesome Leaving Us For Quite A While Night Out!!! (though he still hasn't left for Australia, delays and blah...) and we ended up going to one of old haunts that recently converted into a gay pub. Very bewildering. No atmosphere and there didn't seem to be a radical change in clients except...the number of them. Hitting Bar 69 later on, I feel the scene here has a lot to answer for in terms of...blahness. Music was shite but me, Biscuit and Bert didn't care because we were pissed. Then somehow, it was six in the morning and everyone was back at the Bearcave and things were still rocking. Insane.

5. I bought some zines though from False Start which has become my distro of choice on the basis a) the choice is uhhhhmazing and b) do I need another reason? I bought:

Winners Winning
Trust Me: I Know What I'm Doing - Bargaining & Negotiating
Things You Can Learn When You Listen to Strangers
Art Bureau #14
Ghost Pine #8
Fight Boredom with Girl Love
Heroland #5

I've only flicked through Winners Winning so far but can't help but feel a little disappointed. I'm not being down on the artwork which is super neat but more...the volume, just sounded a lot more extensive in the distro decription. Looking forward to reading Fight Boredom with Girl Love and reading Art Bureau properly (literally flicked through it but love at first glance!) and think I might write up some more indepth reviews here. I usually keep a reading list on Facebook in a puny attempt to keep the art of reading alive and in my last journal, I occassionally reviewed anime/manga and it was mildly enjoyable even if I often got caught up in discussing the merits of Andromeda Saint Shun...damn his heroic beauty!***

*my dad probably wouldn't give a shit about me watching a play as long as I had no intentions of becoming an actor. He has a radical phobia of the performing arts.
**though I have no problems with that delightful cereal advert proclaiming so. Especially when they tarted up the nanas, so bizarrely implying sex was on the cards for a cad in a vintage car...
***fuck, Shun is cute. I mean, he has green hair. Green is my favourite colour. And he's so manly he doesn't give a shit that he's wearing pink armour.

Not Awesome Stuff (slightly long)

1. I'm finding it really hard not to dwell on the state of the world - sometimes, it just sucks all feeling out of me leaving me somewhat numb but...it's not happening now. As a vegan, I want to take the opportunity to say I don't fucking think it's divine retribution on behalf of dolphins/whales because such a judgement is not only astoundingly insensitive at such a time but also completely speciesist.

My thoughts, prayers and heart are with all of those who are displaced in Libya and those who have been effected by the earthquakes and tsunami, however indirectly. I hope people can find their family and friends and that people use this time as a period to reflect on coming together rather than dwelling on the past (pearl harbour twitter twits, I'm looking at you.) or using it to paint a terrifying, judgemental picture (end-time fundies, I'm looking at you too.) of people who have lost so much in such a short time.

That said, I'm touched that those who have mentioned it on facebook/twitter that I follow have been very proactive in suggesting help, support and general good karma towards the situation. I really love the idea of the SHOW YOUR LOVE project that Gackt is spearheading. Even the poorest can give hope and love to Japan.

2. I feel pretty fucking stupid putting this after the above but I really do hate Pokemon Black/White though despite people enthusing about how classic the gameplay is - I really want my Pokemon-set-during-the-Feudal-Era game now, dammit - since I can't really get over how well...blah, the actual game looks to me. I really am stuck in a pixelated time-warp. 

3. The backyard is a mess and I just don't wanna deal with it. Thankgosh for blinds.

Andddd, entirely neutral: I finish therapy in six weeks. Before starting therapy for social anxiety/general downbeatness. Lots of mixed feelings about this.